Tide Lines

Andrew Naysmith • Victoria • 2013 • 95 mins

The Vic Theatre - 8:45pm Feb 12

The Vic Theatre - 12:00pm Feb 15


Local brothers Ryan and Bryson Robertson, along with friend Hugh Patterson, set sail from Mexico with a dream to circumnavigate the world and surf. Over the course of the next three years, their lives change dramatically through the beaches they visit, the people they meet and a new found sense of global community through the oceans. Tide Lines is the true story of Ryan, Bryson and Hugh on a sailboat called “Khulula” and their inspiring voyage across the sea in search of adventure, plastic awareness and education.

In their journey, Ryan, Bryson and Hugh travelled a total of 40,000 nautical miles, crossed all the major oceans of the world and visited some 40 countries documenting the pollution on "pristine" beaches. This documentary is a sad illustration of just how the world's pollution affects not only locally, but globally. Education, exposure and solutions are desperately needed to ensure this pattern doesn't continue into the future. For more information on this project, please visit http://www.oceangybe.com/ 

Tide Lines - 2013 - Trailer - 1 min from Andrew Naysmith on Vimeo.





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