Victoria Film Festival | About The VFF

A Triumph: Bringing Film to Life since 1995

The Victoria Film Festival is the nucleus of the cinematic arts on Vancouver Island in British Columbia.


The Victoria Film Festival brings the world to Victoria’s door by programming a diverse selection of Canadian and international films. We support the practice of all media artists with particular focus on Canadian independent media artists through exhibition of their work. The Victoria Film Festival ensures the vitality and continued excellence of media arts in the Victoria region by providing a complete survey of film and media art to the community. It’s a vibrant program celebrating the greatest storytelling medium of all time.


The mission of the Victoria Film Festival is to expose our community to a wide range of ideas and lifestyles through year-round presentation of film, video and new media. Through our events and presentations we aim to stimulate critical analysis and inspire individuals to recognize and utilize film as a creative tool.


Since 1995, the Victoria Film Festival has been the centre for film on Vancouver Island. We believe in programming that provides the public with entertaining and high-quality films, activities and events. Our Festival and year-round events encourage artistic innovation and creativity while providing access for a broad audience segment.


The VFF is committed to cooperation and collaboration with other arts organizations as well as the business community, with programs that are interactive, entertaining and educational and provide great value for the money, and friendly, open, and proactive staff to support you.

Board of Directors

President: Dan McDonagh
Vice President: Pat Ferns
Secretary: Barbara Todd Hager
Treasurer: Joel Cave
Directors at Large:
Rain Li
Sheena Macdonald
David Simmonds


1215 Blanshard St
Victoria BC Canada
V8W 3J4


Open: Monday to Friday
Box Office: 9 AM to 5 PM
Office is currently closed to the public.


T: 250.389.0444