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      How to explain the allure of short films?

      Well, if they were part of a meal - a very satisfying meal - they would be the appetizer.....no, the hors d'oeuvres. Yes, shorts are the hors d'oeuvres of the film world. Tasty tidbits that stimulate the appetite, delight the senses, and open up the mind to a wonderful array of new flavours. Small bites have the freedom to be more shocking, playful, or outrageous because ... well ... they're small. Then if it's not to your taste don't worry, along will come another that will tickle your fancy, or give you something to savour for hours. So here they are - 60 wonderful taste treats packaged into manageable bites, so enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

    Strange Trips: Films that Mess up Your mind
    Laurel Point Inn, Salon CD
    Friday, February 4, 2000 7:00 pm
    Sunday, February 6, 2000 12:00 pm
    Thursday, February 10, 2000 7:00 pm

    Orange Above
    Canadian Premiere
    15 minutes
    Directed by Mark Limburg

    The story of a 1961 secret Dutch space mission. Six weeks before the Americans and three weeks before the Soviets, two Dutch astronauts become the first men in space, or so claims Arthur Greveling the son of one of the astronauts (who mysteriously disappeared after his return to earth). Now, 38 years later, a seemingly paranoid Arthur decides to tell his story. Orange Above is a small smorgasbord for the conspiracy buff in all of us. Using surprising low-contrast footage, evenly lit with many inter-cuts of stock footage, this is a tale which ultimately owes as much to Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner as it does to the X-files.

    They Saved His Brain
    World Premiere
    7 minutes
    Directed by Mia Amir, Katie Allan, Julia Pope,
    Morgan Purdy, Meghan Allan

    Why has so little changed about modern entertainment? It seems some people don't “mind” a constant stream of “great” ideas, but a few lost souls see it as the same note being played over and over again.

    Joshua's Dream
    World Premiere
    12 minutes
    Directed by Troy Sitter
    Victoria, B.C.

    A young man has a dire dream involving an ambulance driver and his family. Then the images become real before his eyes. He tries to stop the tragedy from happening. Is the dream coming true? Can the tragedy be averted? Reality and imagination collide and become entwined.

    Brasil Maravilha
    Canadian Premiere
    Awarded Best Experimental Video at 22 Guarnice
    2 minutes
    Directed by Aleski Wrobel Abib

    Abib makes a great visual pun out of our need to “try to make sense”.

    Yo - Yo
    2.5 minutes
    Directed by Remy Campbell

    A dynamic explosion of light and colour at the end of a string.

    400 series compilation
    B.C. Premiere
    10 minutes
    Directed by Leslie Peters

    Like film pioneer Carl Dreyer, Peters has gone looking for ways to portray depth and space through texture and surface found in a common arena. The blurring of focus, the manipulation of speed, and the distortion of light are the palettes.

    Bride Stripped Bare By Her Bachelors, Even... More
    North American Premiere
    2 minutes
    Directed by Dennis Summers

    For those unfamiliar with modern art, the title refers to a very odd piece of art with a similar name by 20th century artist Marcel Duchamp. The original painting was oil on a piece of cracked glass. Director Dennis Summers has added “... More” because he has recreated the work as an animation, explaining how the glass came to be cracked.

    Barnyard Tips
    2 minutes
    Directed by Tim Packford

    A quick insight into why the aliens are really here to invade our skies. There's a good touch of Gary Larson's humour in this animation.

    Vision Point
    World Premiere
    1.5 minutes
    Stephen Arthur

    Part one of a five part film series, Arthur is developing a new mode of animation to abstract and express the Western Canadian relationship with the land. Based on how we see the Canadian landscape from a passing car, photos were taken every 4 seconds while in motion. Each photo was manipulated in separate layers and using filters. Each layer is moving at a different speed creating a 3 dimensional surreal & abstract animated landscape. A surreal vision like nothing seen before. --- Scott Clark

    Sex and Death: The Wonder of Ego Annihilation
    CineVic, 101 - 610 Johnson St
    Friday, February 4, 2000 7:30 pm
    Tuesday, February 8, 2000 6:00 pm

    so far gone - 1 minute
    Slut - 5 minutes
    B.C. Premiere
    Directed by Ruba Nadda

    From Toronto filmmaker Ruba Nadda comes thoughts on personal isolation and indifference in our environment. Nadda's visions, although far from heart warming, are getting recognition. Currently, she is developing a following in Toronto and is at work on a feature length film.

    Awarded Best Experimental Film at Regina, Niagara and Telefest
    7.25 minutes
    Directed by Ryan Feldman

    Passed out in the street, a man lays dead or dying and no-one stops to help. In fact, Ryan Feldman who found him there and filmed him for the better part of day, never stopped to help. This is a fact that does not escape Ryan as the man lays so frighteningly still. Eulogy/Obverse explores the relationship between our natural curiosity and the exploitation of subject matter. Eulogy/Obverse is very strong in its editing and visuals. Voice-overs add a lot here as does the text. --- Ed Letain

    Deja Vu Deja Vu
    B.C. Premiere
    Awarded Grand Prize at Barcelona
    28 minutes
    Directed by Igor Rados

    The absurdity of an expiring life expressed backwards in time. Each scene is a riddle. Each riddle leads to the next, until the story comes full circle.

    Canadian Premiere
    5.5 minutes
    Directed by Allison Schulnik

    Using wonderfully organic 3-D motion animation technique, director Schulnik tells the tale of Vedma, Queen and Empress. Silenced over the fall of her kingdom, the queen still holds fast to her throne. A loyal jester, after many failed attempts at trying to please and entertain the queen, sacrifices his own body to rebuild the castle. Is the jester a reality or a simple projection of the queen's own inner struggling self?

    Movin' & Groovin': Films About Rhythm
    Laurel Point Inn Salon CD
    Saturday, February 5, 2000 12:00 pm
    Monday, February 7, 2000 7:00 pm

    Old Fashioned Waltz
    B.C. Premiere
    10 minutes
    Co-Directed by Denis Cote & Steve Asselin

    Old Fashioned Waltz is a short collage of voices and images taken from some of the more senior residents of small town Quebec. These bits and pieces are melded together quite nicely to give a rather warm feeling of what “rural community” means.
    Also see Mieux (Better) from the same director.

    North American Premiere
    Awarded First Prize in Direction, Editing and Cinematography at Ljubljana
    16 minutes
    Directed by Katarina Staric

    Dynamic direction of impulsive and amusing choreography, an original music score and occasional dialogue serves to give this high energy dance piece narrative force. Focusing on several groups of teenagers who are brought together mainly by their wakening eroticism as well as their preoccupation with money, Z-Film takes no moral position but brings forth their issues at hand and offers us food for thought.

    Hempster 001: D.A.R.E. remix
    World Premiere
    7 minutes
    Directed by Paul Manly

    Unfortunately, the U.S. has used its world clout to make its ineffective War on Drugs policy internationally known. FORTUNATELY, Paul Manly is here to help make its silliness clear to all. Borrowing a cheesy propaganda video from the Drug Awareness Resistance Education program (a hoot and a half itself) Manly remixes it with some good ol' Canadian West Coast hemp/pot culture to give it a much more truthful edge.

    Canadian Premiere
    3 minutes
    Directed by John Fraser

    An inter species love story between a beaver and a fox set in a Southwestern Ontario-inspired town illustrates that John Fraser sure knows how to animate. Using what the Fraser calls “pre-disney techniques”, real objects such as painted cigar boxes and miniature 3D sets are integrated into the cartoon environment. Hello also includes live action, cel, photo based, camera dissolves, real objects & sets to achieve this entertaining short that sounds like Brian Wilson meeting Lou Reed on a bumper car ride.

    1.75 minutes
    Directed by Rose Robertson

    A funny, classy salute to the cheesecake dancers of the 30s and 40s. Watch as three bikini clad, sultry dancers perform. As the dance kaleidoscopes, it is also quite evocative of the swimming ballets from that era as well.

    A Little Star
    World Premiere
    1.5 minutes
    Jenifer Gustavsen

    Didn't know Mother Goose had a night club did you? Well, as one little one discovers, everybody needs somewhere to grow up. A Little Star combines smooth Disney-esque style with sketchier drawings.

    When the Glowin' Gets Tough
    World Premiere
    1.5 minutes
    Charles Greenfield

    Night sets the stage for the glow bug mating dance as we discover it's not always a cleanly competitive rite, and dangers can lurk at every tree hole.

    Canadian Premiere
    7.5 minutes
    Directed by Savin Yeatman-Eiffel

    After a great night of partying, the law comes down on a house of squatters. Great colour and traditional animation techniques with multi-layer cel work & effects (ie. strobe light). Stylized character driven film with a soft cubist look. Everything about this film was well executed – the composition, perspectives, good tight, camera shots & pans make for a full total animated experience. Animated reality. --Scott Clark

    World Premiere
    4.75 minutes
    Directed by Annahid Dashtgard, Angela Hemming,
    Kate Hennessy, Roger Howard

    A visually rhythmic piece with insights into the true value of good bread. Perhaps there is more to it than just eating it.

    Eterne Sangui
    6 minutes
    Directed by Jason Bourque

    Poetic, dynamic, and technically innovative, Eterne Sangui is an allegory of human existence utilizing dance without gravity. Directed by Victoria's own 1999 Leo Award Winner, Jason Bourque.

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