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306 Hollywood


306 Hollywood : Sat | February 2 | 6:45 PM | Cap6
306 Hollywood : Tue | February 5 | 8:45 PM | The Vic

ambitious + whimsy + probative


Emerging International Filmmaker Award, Hot Docs

Director: Elan Bogarin & Jonathan Bogarin

Country: USA

Year: 2018

Runtime: 94 min



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Do the things we own leave a lasting legacy of our lives or are they just things? Directors Elan and Jonathan Bogarin look to explore how our possessions become imbued with our spirit and take on a new life outside our control.


Their beloved grandmother, Annette Ontell, lived at 306 Hollywood for over 60 years. It was a temple within their family, bursting with relics from the different eras of her life. When she dies in 2011, Elan and Jonathan are able to convince their mother to keep the house for one year. Turning it into an archaeological excavation, they studiously analyze and sort everything in her overflowing home, obtaining an even better understanding of the woman they admired so deeply. As they explore every inch of the house, they are able to reconnect with their grandmother one final time through her possessions before saying a final goodbye.


The insular nature of most family documentaries causes them to fall flat, making 306 Hollywood even more of a revelation. Clearly inspired by Wes Anderson, the Bogarin siblings take a magical-realist approach to documentary filmmaking with striking uses of colour, touches of surrealism, and breathtaking interludes into song and dance.


306 Hollywood is a thoughtful meditation on time and death, and reminds us that by changing our perspective, a whole new world of possibility and understanding opens up.




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