A Sister's Song

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A Sister’s Song


A Sister’s Song : Sun | February 3 | 9:00 PM | SilverCity #3

spiritual + sensitive + identity


Director: Danae Elon

Country: Canada (Quebec)

Year: 2018

Runtime: 81 min



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When Marina was a teenager she visited a monastery to do research for a school project. She never realized that having her older sister Tatiana accompany her would forever change their relationship. Tatiana (now referred to as Sister Jerusalem) felt a spiritual calling and devoted herself to a life of monastic reflection. Two decades later, Marina feels compelled to find her sister. Sporadic phone calls and emails have left her feeling disconnected with a sense that Sister Jerusalem is unfulfilled, and perhaps a physical encounter will reveal something that’s been missing between them. After travelling from her home in Israel to Greece, she receives a warm and open welcome by the prioress who encourages her to openly explore her questions about her sister’s faith. Marina politely accepts their generosity, yet grows increasingly frustrated as Tatiana seems to retreat, and a sibling bond is tested as their world views clash.


Danae Elon’s camera is an invisible presence, capturing the minutiae of emotion that reveals her characters with patience and reverence. The complexity of the sister’s relationship rests in the moments of silence between them. What Marina sees as entrapment, her sister views as protection. It’s an example of two people describing the same mountain from different sides. At times feeling like a mystery that needs to be resolved, it becomes clear the questions the documentary raises are more about a meditation on family and faith and how we choose to live our lives, especially when a bond by blood is influenced by a higher power.

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