Adam and Evelyn (Adam und Evelyn)

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Adam and Evelyn (Adam und Evelyn)


Adam and Evelyn : Wed | February 6 | 9:00 PM | SilverCity #3

personal + thoughtful + historical



BC Premiere

Director: Andreas Goldstein

Country: Germany

Year: 2018

Runtime: 100 min


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Adam and Evelyn, by writer-director Andreas Goldstein, tells the story of a couple from East Germany and their reactions to events during the summer of 1989. However, this is not yet another film about the final days of the German Democratic Republic and the fall of the wall. It is based on the novel by Ingo Schulze, who had already made a name for himself with his Simple Stories, a collection of short stories about the East German town of Altenburg.


Adam and Evelyn are from a small town in the GDR. They are a couple but separate briefly after she sees him cheating on her. They meet again in Hungary at the time when various borders were slowly opening up. Suddenly they have options they never had before, and must decide where they want to go. Evelyn would like to go to the West, Adam is not sure if he wants to give up his pleasant life in the East where he works as a successful tailor.


Adam and Evelyn shows us the end of the Cold War from a personal perspective we rarely see. The story unfolds in a leisurely pace to create the atmosphere of what it might have been like during those hot summer days that would change the world. Neither sensationalist nor another version of East Germans finally allowed to go West, the film succeeds on a personal level, with its insights about the big decisions we sometimes have to make.


Adam and Evelyn played at the Viennale, the Zurich Film Festival, and the Venice International Film Critics’ Week.

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