Ash Is Purest White

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Ash Is Purest White


Ash is Purest White : Fri | February 1 | 9:00 PM | SilverCity #3
Ash is Purest White : Sun | February 10 | 3:45 PM | The Vic

masculine + cultural + powerful


Best Actress & Best Director, Chicago International Film Festival

Director: Zhangke Jia

Country: Japan/France

Year: 2018

Runtime: 136 min


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Qiao (Tao Zhao) has found love in a gang. Her boyfriend Bin (Fan Liao), a gang leader living a violent and erratic life in a small Chinese town, is surrounded by followers who fear and respect him and his gun, including Qiao. But when Bin is trapped and beaten by a mob, Qiao runs to his defence with her boyfriend’s weapon, illegally firing, knowing it would save Bin but send her to jail.


Five years later, Qiao’s time in a women’s jail is finally up, but the man she loves so dearly and sacrificed so much for isn’t waiting for her on the other side. In fact, Bin hasn’t once visited her and isn’t even taking her calls now that she’s out.


Unwavering in her loyalty, Qiao embarks on a journey to reclaim the love she spent five years in jail for, despite signs the man she still loves has moved on without her. Qiao has paid her debt to society, but will the man she loves pay his debt to her?


Director Zhangke Jia, past winner of the Golden Coach and Best Screenplay awards at the Cannes Film Festival, returns with another dynamic story featuring his real-life wife Zhao in the lead.


Jia’s (A Touch of Sin, Still Life, Mountains May Depart) gritty love story of turbulent and unrelenting loyalty captures the unblinking and indifferent underbelly of low-level gangs with a disciplined eye, once again proving him to be one of the most skilled directors in the world.

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