Children of the Snow Land

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Children of the Snow Land


The Children of Snow Land : Tue | February 5 | 6:15 PM | The Vic

stunning + inspirational + thrilling


Best International Documentary | DOC LA Award

Director: Zara Balfour & Marcus Stephenson

Country: Nepal/UK

Year: 2018

Runtime: 93 min



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Parents from the Himalayan mountaintops are leaving their children behind and never returning. Families fortunate enough to have their children accepted into a school in Kathmandu traverse arduous terrain for weeks, with their toddlers on their backs, only to leave them behind in the hopes they live a life they could not provide. Children of the Snow Land follows three such Nepali students, Tsering Deki, Jeewan and Nima, all left at the Snowland Ranag Light of Education School in Kathmandu as toddlers. More than a decade later, they return to the unforgiving terrain of the Himalayas to seek their families after being left at the school at the age of four.



Equal parts difficult and dangerous, the unpredictable weather and terrain reflect the undulating emotions of a trio of youth who never had a choice, feeling deserted and unloved by parents who’ve never visited them since. By plane, bus and finally by foot, the students trek to their respective villages, one forced to hike more than 15 days on foot, battling altitude sickness through the beautiful Himalayan Mountains overlooking Nepal. Their hope, to reconnect with the families whose faces they barely remember.



Directed by Zara Balfour and Marcus Stephenson, the award-winning documentary features an emotional and poignant migration. A revealing story of the unwavering conviction of families living in the most difficult of lives, made only more onerous when when they are torn apart, sometimes forever.




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