Victoria Film Festival | Cocktails Up Close – ACID. SUGAR. BITTER.

Cocktails Up Close - ACID. SUGAR. BITTER.

Cocktails Up Close – ACID. SUGAR. BITTER.


Crystal Garden – 713 Douglas St

Saturday October 19th



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The 3 elements that help us create and (even fix) great cocktails

Join the crew of Nimble Bar Co. to learn how almost any drink has a simple approach to 

harmonious balance. Explore the myriad of types of ingredients for each category and the role

they play on their own, and in some great cocktails to sample. This will include an in depth 

tasting of non-potable bitters, alternative acid solutions, and how the sky is the limit with

sweet options. Once you understand certain ratios and fundamental rules, it’s essentially a matter of plug and play with your favorite classics.




Vessel tools, glassware, syrups and bitters will be for sale at the seminar. We accept cash, debit, credit


Runtime: 90 minutes

About Vessel Liquor

Located on Oak Bay Avenue & Fort St. Vessel Liquor is a local store promoting 3 principles:

EXPLORATION – When we’re not out there tasting, we’re exploring, learning, discovering – and bringing back our discoveries for our customers.
EDUCATION – All of our staff have accredited wine education, and we actively promote ongoing tasting and learning everyday.
FERMENTATION – All of our products started somewhere in nature: a grape, a grain, a seed. Someone grew it, someone raised it, someone harvested it and someone fermented, distilled, raised and bottled it for you.

About Nimble Bar Co.

A creative cocktail and event agency; Nimble Bar Co specializes in creating bespoke cocktail experiences for venues, events, and businesses. Whether you’re a café looking to increase revenue by offering world-class cocktails, a car dealership looking to create a signature drink for your clients, or a couple who wants the best of the downtown experience brought to their wedding, we execute with technical efficiency and panache. Our clients have included distilleries, bars and restaurants, lifestyle brands, hair salons, event planners, and much more…

Let us show you how we can take your business or event to the next level through creative cocktail solutions!

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All Victoria Film Festival attendees must be 18+ or 19+ at the Vic Theatre
(no babes in arms at all screenings)

Every attendee requires their own $2 annual Membership.

You can buy them online or at the door night of your screening.


Exceptions to age and memberships are special screenings like Jammies and Toons. Please look at film listing for "All Ages"


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