Victoria Film Festival | #FemalePleasure




Fri | February 14 | 6:15 PM | SilverCity #3


universal + liberating +  courageous

Canadian Premiere

Director: Barbara Miller

Switzerland   2018   101 min

Directing Award  Locarno International Film Festival


IMDB Rating: 7.6


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In this timely and powerful documentary, Swiss writer/director Barbara Miller introduces us to five of the most passionate and eloquent women from around the world you’ll ever meet. They are fighting to liberate female sexuality from extreme religious and cultural constraints and are doing the tough work of changing culturally entrenched, deadly attitudes and beliefs about women and girls.


We meet a Japanese manga artist persecuted for her vagina imagery, a Hasidic woman hounded for breaking with the faith, a Somali émigré fighting against female genital mutilation, a German nun struggling to get the attention of Pope Francis with her story of rape by a priest within Vatican city and an Indian sex education publisher defying daily street harassment and “honour killing” by championing female sexual pleasure online.


#FemalePleasure shows the universal mechanisms at work that determine the position of women up to today, spanning cultures, religions and continents. Hasidic Jew, Muslim, Shinto Buddhist, Catholic, Hindu: the women come from different religious backgrounds but their individual stories resonate in every corner of society.


Outrageous and courageous, #Female Pleasure will get under your skin with the strength and positive energy brought by the extraordinary protagonists. It brings a universal and an oh so important message. Don’t worry, you won’t necessarily need a vagina to enjoy it.

-Kinga Binkowska

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