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Online Concession

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You cannot pre-buy Concession if you don’t have tickets in your order. Concession is also open for in person sales 



Buttered – Sm, Med, Lrg

Unbuttered – Sm, Med, Lrg

Extra Butter

Allergy Alert: Made with Coconut Oil

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Buttered Small, Buttered Medium, Buttered Large, Unbuttered Small, Unbuttered Medium, Unbuttered Large, Extra Butter



Denman Chocolate Bar – Orange, Mint, Dark

Glosettes – Peanut, Raisin

M&M – Peanut, Chocolate


Junior Mints

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M&M – Peanut, M&M – Chocolate, Junior Mints, Twizzlers, Denman's Chocolate Bar – Zesty Orange, Glossettes – Almond, Glossettes – Peanut, Glossettes – Raisin



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Spinnakers Chocolate Chip Cookie, Spinnakers Ginger Snap Cookie

Soft Beverages


Phillips Pop Glass Bottles (Root Beer, Ginger Ale, Craft Cola) 355ml

Vic Soda Works (Black Cherry, Lime, Grapefruit, Cucumber Seltzer, Blackberry Seltzer) 355ml

O de Vie Mineral Water 355ml 

Bottled Water 500ml


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Phillips Pop Root Beer, Phillips Pop Ginger Ale, Phillips Pop Craft Cola, Vic Soda Works Black Cherry, Vic Soda Works Lime, Vic Soda Works Grapefruit, Vic Soda Works Cucumber Seltzer, Vic Soda Works Blackberry Seltzer, O de Vie Mineral Water, Bottled Water

Alcoholic Beverages (19+ Only)


19+ Only

2 pieces of ID will be required for pick up

Fat Tug 473 ml

White Bark Witbear 473 ml 

Nut Brown Ale 473 ml

Mitchell’s ESB 473 ml

Blue Buck 355 ml

Pilsner 355ml

Tod Creek Apple Cider 473 ml


Church and State Wines

Red Wine Lost Inhibitions 5 oz

White Wine Lost Inhibitions 5 oz


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Fat Tug 473 ml, White Bark 473 ml, Nut Brown Ale 473 ml, Mitchell's ESB 473 ml, Blue Buck 355 ml, Pilsner 355ml, Tod Creek Apple Cider 473 ml, Red Wine Lost Inhibitions 5 oz, White Wine Lost Inhibitions 5oz

Hot Beverages




Baileys & Coffee

19+ Only

2 pieces of ID will be required for pick up


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Coffee, Cream, Tea, Baileys & Coffee

All  attendees must be 19+ at the Vic Theatre
(no babes in arms at all screenings)

Every attendee requires their own $2 annual Membership if screening listing states "Membership required".

You can buy them online or at the door night of your screening.


Exceptions to age are special screenings that list "All Ages"


For more information on age restrictions and laws click here