Victoria Film Festival | Opening Gala 2020 | Friday Feb 7th | 6:30pm

Opening Gala 2020 | Friday Feb 7th | 6:30pm

Opening Gala 2020 | Friday Feb 7th | 6:30pm


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6:30 PM Film: The Vic Theatre
9:00 PM Party: 716 Burdett Ave


Join us for the Glamourama of Deception
Oh, you love it – confess!


A sparkle here, a flash there. This is the night to let it shine baby. A slit so high someone might get a nosebleed. Or a back so low – well that’s the point. Sparkle up your diamonds, grab your tiara (I’m talking to you Bob), and let the glamour be your guide. And while you sparkle we’ll deceive for a night full of doors to nowhere and doors to somewhere…


It’s an all-inclusive night of frivolity:

  • Mad décor ✔
  • Film ✔
  • Dancing ✔
  • Food from award-winning Toque Catering ✔
  • Cocktails by Sheringham ✔

Wine by:

  • Roost Winery ✔
  • Church & State Wines ✔
  • Averill Creek Vineyard ✔
  • Beer by Spinnakers ✔



Nostalgic + Romantic + Delightful


La Belle Epoque

Director: Nicolas Bedos

France  2019  115 min

Director to Watch  Palm Springs International Film Festival


French filmmakers can create such charming films. La Belle Epoque follows Victor (Daniel Auteuil), a man stuck in the past, who squabbles incessantly with his unhappy wife Marianne (Fanny Ardant). Victor complains about technology, while Marianne happily consumes it all.


Eventually Marianne, who begins to find Victor insufferably boring, embarks on an affair and throws him out on the street. Tired of the present, Victor takes his son up on the offer to try Time Travelers, a company that specializes in creating painstaking reenactments of whatever time in history a client wants to conjure.


Victor chooses the day in 1974 when he first met Marianne in a Lyon café. As Victor settles into the re-creation of his past, he begins to flirt but soon falls deeply for the young woman playing Marianne, an actress dabbling in a relationship with the head of the company.


Writer/director Bedos proves that nostalgia, the idealization of memory, can be seductive, but the film also speaks to the dangers of living in the past.  The execution of La Belle Epoque is magical and showcases two wonderful French actors. There is so much chemistry! And so much sparkling wit!

– Kathy Kay

All Victoria Film Festival attendees must be 18+ or 19+ at the Vic Theatre
(no babes in arms at all screenings)

Every attendee requires their own $2 annual Membership.

You can buy them online or at the door night of your screening.


Exceptions to age and memberships are special screenings like Jammies and Toons. Please look at film listing for "All Ages"


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