Sink or Swim

Sink or Swim



Friday, Feb 22 | 7:45 PM

Saturday, Feb 23 | 2:30 PM

Monday, Feb 25 | 7:45 PM

Tuesday, Feb 26 | 7:45 PM

Wednesday, Feb 27 | 7:45 PM

Thursday, Feb 28 | 7:45 PM


Director: Gilles Lellouche

Country: France

Year: 2018

Runtime: 122 min

Unrated – Membership Required – 19+ Event

This effervescent comedy from celebrated actor- turned-director Gilles Lellouche brings to life a delicious and jaunty spin on The Full Monty.


Sink or Swim portrays a group of 40-something men trying to shake off their midlife malaise by celebrating their inner Esther Williams, who decide to form their local pool’s first ever synchronized swimming team – for men. Braving the skepticism and ridicule of those around them, and trained by a fallen champion trying to pull herself together, the group sets out on an unlikely adventure.


Sink or Swim’s star-studded ensemble, led by Mathieu Amalric (The Grand Budapest Hotel, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly), Guillaume Canet (who also appears at this year’s festival in Non-Fiction) and Belgian goofball Benoit Poelvoorde (Saint-Amour, Nothing to Declare) are charmingly sympathetic, and best when riffing off each other.


Despite its undeniable hilarity, Sink or Swim is also a surprisingly thoughtful enterprise where Lellouche navigates effortlessly between the rough waters of a good-natured comedy and a pensive drama. He delivers an intelligent and timely reflection on how we define masculinity and how challenging yourself to get out of your comfort zone can give life more zest, if not to grandiosely say a “greater meaning.”


But above all, Sink or Swim is well-made, feel-good entertainment that will win your heart in an instant. So jump in, the water’s warm.

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