Victoria Film Festival | Sips’n’Cinema: Two of Us : Sat | February 15 | 2:45 PM | The Vic

Sips'n'Cinema: Two of Us : Sat | February 15 | 2:45 PM | The Vic

Sips’n’Cinema: Two of Us : Sat | February 15 | 2:45 PM | The Vic


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Catch  Two of Us and then enjoy an opportunity for discussion with Festival Screener Tony Ruffolo at The Mint.  This is a social event for those who would like to take a deeper dive into the film they just saw and share your thoughts.  There will be complimentary drinks and light food to heighten the experience.


ADVANCE TICKETS ONLY.  Ticket price includes film, food, drink and facilitated discussion.  Must be 19 years or older to participate. ID will be checked


February 15

Two of Us : Sat | February 15 | 2:45 PM | The Vic

Venue directly following the film – 1414 Douglas St, Victoria, BC


Two of Us


Director:  Filippo Meneghetti

Netherlands  2019  95 min


For all intents and purposes Nina (Barbara Sukowa) and Madeleine (Martine Chevallier)

appear to be two friendly neighbours. But behind the friendly façade the women have hidden an intimate relationship for decades. Director Meneghetti exposes a tender, loving relationship in which Nina moves easily between her apartment and Madeleine’s, planning for the future while enjoying the everyday. The two women hope to sell the apartment and move to Rome where they can live together.


Nina is independent and full of life and adores her lover while Madeleine is a widowed and doting grandmother who has never told her children about her relationship with Nina. Madeleine just can’t seem to shake her need for discretion even when Nina goads her by saying that no one could care less about “two old dykes”.  Madeleine’s son and daughter suspect nothing but when Madeleine’s health takes a turn the children, especially her daughter Anne (Léa Drucker), start to wonder why this kind neighbor is always at the door.


Meneghetti has crafted a remarkably warm and loving film for his first feature-length drama.  Capturing the women’s intimacy in close ups it’s easy to understand how connected the pair are. The performances of Sukowa and Chevalier are so absorbing it’s hard to take one’s eyes off them. Two of Us is a deceptively complex film with a message that all you need is each other.

– Kathy Kay


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