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The Twentieth Century

The Twentieth Century


Sun | March 1 | 7:45 PM | The Vic
Tues | March 3 | 5:30 PM | The Vic
Wed | March 4 | 7:45 PM | The Vic
Thurs | March 5 | 7:45 PM | The Vic


Rambunctious + Beguiling + Inventive

Director: Matthew Rankin

Canada  2019  90 min

Toronto Film Festival   Best Canadian First Feature Film

IMDB Rating: 7.6

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The Twentieth Century is one of the quintessential movie-going experiences of the…century —and it is also your patriotic duty to attend (not actually true, unlike every detail in this feature-length Heritage Moment…from hell). An incendiary send-up of Canadian identity, history and politics, Winnipeg-born Matthew Rankin’s insanely brilliant feature debut (read: masterpiece) is a hilariously irreverent, visually stunning retelling of how William Lyon Mackenzie King became Prime Minister and all the seals he had to club along the way. That’s what happened, right?


King seems destined to earn Canada’s crown, but just how much debasement and degradation must an ambitious young politician endure in such a noble pursuit? Quite a lot, it seems. Particularly when the affection of an unattainable woman becomes his priority. Along his epic journey, King will encounter devastating heartbreak, fascistic corruption, hilarious diversions to the outsider cities of Vancouver and Winnipeg, and…kinky boot sniffing.


Visually dazzling, Rankin’s artificial sets and 16mm aesthetic give the film an artisanal look and feel that place the film out of both contemporary and historical time. Pointedly set at the young country’s entry into the oh-so-civil 1900s, the film calls into question Canada’s conspicuously precious self-image. In its own mischievous myth-making, The Twentieth Century skewers the formation and perpetuation of national narratives. You’ll be at the edge of your seat, hanging onto your hats—and citizenship—as you experience one of the wildest films of the year.  – Adam Cook

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