There Are No Fakes

There Are No Fakes


Friday Nov 22 | 5:30pm

Saturday Nov 23 | 6:00pm

Sunday Nov 24 | 7:45pm

Monday Nov 25 |7:45pm



Year: 2019

Runtime: 113 mins

Director:  Jamie Kastner

Rated: 14A

Country:   CAN



A $20,000 Norval Morrisseau painting is purchased from a reputable Toronto art gallery before its authenticity is called into question, leading to the discovery of Canada’s largest and most infamous art scam.


Premiered at HotDocs 2019


“Kastner gives a glimpse of the largely unregulated global art market, with only a hazy legal framework for dealing with frauds and forgeries and lots of convenient myths that obscure the connections among art, money and power.”

Alison Gillmor, Winnipeg Free Press