FEAST: The Goddesses of Food


Food with a side of film
Fri, June 15 | 5:30 PM

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Tickets: $25

Director:Vérane Frédiani

Country: France

Year: 2017

Runtime: 90 min

Unrated – Membership Required19+ event

Location: The Vic Theatre
808, Douglas Street

Meet innovative women in the food world changing the game at all levels : chefs, sous chefs, sommelières, mixologists, activists,. – haute gastronomy and street food. Yes, we can change the world through gastronomy and women have a major role to play in that change through food and their vision of food. Women we follow come from all over the world but share the same concerns and motivation. They consider gastronomy as a way to communicate with others, as a way to educate people about their culture, as a way to expand their role in society and support local economies.

Featuring top female chefs from around the world like Anne-Sophie Pic, Alice Waters, Dominique Crenn and more!


Enjoy a taster from Sea Cider!


Full menu to be announced soon.

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