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Director: Michael Pearce

Country: UK

Year: 2017

Runtime: 1h 47min 

Rated 14A – No Membership Required19+ event


“This striking debut delivers genuine thrills and poignancy while subverting genre conventions.”


Moll (Jessie Buckly) has always lived a sheltered life under the watchful eye of her icy and controlling mother. When she impulsively falls for the rugged Pascal, her judgement is tested when he is revealed to be the main suspect in the disappearance of several young girls on the island. While Moll desperately wants to have faith in his innocence, she will have to contend with her lingering doubts, and own dark past, if they want to be together.


Beast is the debut feature from Michael Pearce who filmed in his home of Jersey, a small UK island in the English Channel. He has created a mature and thrilling fairy-tale that has been one of the best reviewed films of the year. While giving more than a few twists and turns, Beast also provides an insightful take on loneliness and the power of acceptance with the help of Jessie Buckly, who gives an jaw-dropping performance in the lead role. Taking full advantage of the alluring and foreboding  landscapes of the isle, Pearce shows incredible confidence in his vision, forging an unforgettable film that goes places few dare.

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