Meditation Park


Fri, Mar 16 at 7:45
Sat, Mar 17 at 4:00
Sun, Mar 18 at 4:00
Mon, Mar 19 at 5:30
Tues, Mar 20 at 5:30
Wed, Mar 21 at 5:30
Thu, Mar 22 at 5:30




Director: Mina Shum

Country: Canada

Year: 2017

Runtime: 94 min

Unrated – Membership Required19+ event

Meditation Park is returning to the Vic Theatre after being one of the most requested sell-outs of the Victoria Film Festival!


Maria has spent her life as a devoted wife and mother. Never questioning her husband Bing’s authority as a provider and excusing his vices, she has willingly followed his wishes, including not speaking to their estranged son. While doing Bing’s laundry one day, her world is turned upside down when she discovers lingerie tucked away in his pants’ pocket. Unable to look past his hurtful deception, she takes matters into her own hands. In an attempt to gather more evidence of his philandering ways (leading to some humorous investigating), she sets out on a path of self-discovery and chance encounters with the unexplored city around her. As she builds unlikely friendships with quirky neighbours and tries new things like learning to ride a bike with encouragement from her grown daughter (Sandra Oh), this heart-warming film redefines the coming-of-age drama. As one of her new friends tells her, “First we obey our fathers, then our husbands. When they’re gone we obey ourselves.”


As a first-generation Canadian, Maria’s story is recognizable to those who have spent their entire lives committed to making everyone else’s lives better at their own expense, able only in their later years to think of themselves first. Director Mina Shum and Sandra Oh return to familiar themes about the immigrant experience that made their debut feature Double Happiness an audience favourite more than 20 years ago, while giving Vancouver a chance to shine as a character of its own.

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