Call For Entries - Victoria Film Festival

Call For Entries!

After the creative burst and all that hard work, you hit the “Export media as…”, and your film is finished! 

Now…where to submit? 

We invite you and your new baby to take your cinematic first steps on our pink carpet at the Victoria Film Festival! 

Since 1995, The Victoria Film Festival (VFF) has presented the best Canadian and international feature, documentary, and short film to Victoria and Vancouver Island in a ten-day celebration of cinema. Eclectic and inspiring, the Festival hosts a wide array of film directors, producers, distributors, and programmers as guests and participants.   

With a continuing legacy of great workshops, installations, networking opportunities, and a legendary opening Gala, the 2025 Festival’s do-not-miss celebration of film and filmmakers is taking place in British Columbia’s capital city February 7th – 16th 2025! 


2025 Awards & Prizes

Best Feature Film
Best Canadian Feature
Best Canadian First Feature ($1000 prize)
Best Documentary
Best Short Animation
Entertainment Audience Favourite
Audience Favourite Short  ($500 prize)
Cultural Currents Award ($1000 prize)

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We love F-words: Festival, Film, Filmmakers, Fun             Friends, Fans, Fiduciary Responsibilities!             We love F-words:            Festival, Film, Filmmakers,             Fun, Friends, Fans, Fiduciary Responsibilities!             We love F-words:

Deadline & Fees for Entries 

Earlybird postmark deadline: June 16, 2024 
Regular postmark deadline: July 14, 2024 
Late postmark deadline: August 18, 2024 
Notification Date – Dec 27, 2024 

The VFF is now only accepting entries at


1. May be fiction, documentary, animation or experimental of short or feature length. Virtual or augmented reality projects will also be considered. 
2. Only films completed in 2023 or 2024 will be considered. 
3. Films which have received broadcast, streaming, or theatrical exposure in the Victoria B.C. area prior to the festival are not eligible. 
4. Films previously available and accessible online, or that will be prior to February 16, 2025 are not eligible. 
5. Please include two film stills with your entry. These can be emailed or included with submission. 
6. VFF only accepts online screeners for programming purposes. Entries can be submitted by secure password-protected internet link. The link must NOT be visible to the public. 
7. If selected for the festival, exhibition prints may be presented via DCP or a ProRes file by January 12, 2025. Filmmakers must deliver final format as requested for festival. No exceptions. Shorts will be compiled into programs for screening. Digital delivery of titles is preferred. 
8. Virtual or augmented reality projects are exempt from some of these requirements as outlined in their category rules. 

Screening Access

The festival will provide a complimentary Guest Pass for two representatives from each feature (75+ minutes) presented and six complimentary tickets to one screening of the film. Short filmmakers will receive one complimentary Guest Pass and two complimentary tickets to one screening of their film.  

Program Selection 

    Entries will be reviewed by a Selection Committee appointed by the Festival Director and Program Manager. The Selection Committee provides a list of those works which it feels should be invited to participate in the VFF and will provide a shortlist of nominees for VFF awards. Entrants will be notified of the decisions of the Festival by December 27th 2024. 
    Upon Acceptance 
    1. Digital delivery is strongly recommended. For physical DCP delivery all shipping costs to Victoria must be paid by the participant. 
    2. The festival will pay the cost of outbound shipping. 
    3. For international films, digital delivery is mandatory. 
    4. Promotional materials of selected films become the property of the VFF and can be used to promote the festival and the programs of the festival in all mediums. 


    Insurance & Release


      The Victoria Film Festival will make every effort to ensure the safekeeping of all films and videos submitted for exhibition. However, the applicant in applying to the festival agrees to release the Festival, its Officers, Directors, and other representatives from any and all claims arising in any way from the submission of materials by or on behalf of the Applicant, whether film, video or otherwise to the festival. If you wish to insure your film, please make arrangements with the Program Manager. You accept these conditions by submitting to us.  


      Your submission implies that you have the legal right to represent and submit this film for consideration along with your acceptance of The Victoria Film Festival regulations. By submitting this form, you also agree to allow the festival the use of your film and its publicity materials for promotional purposes. Please agree below.  

      You accept these conditions by submitting to the Victoria Film Festival.