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Thank you to our 2021-2022 Donors!

You like films, you cannot live without films, you want everyone to share your joy, and you make it happen! With your support, our local communities get hypnotized by a kaleidoscope of cinema art and you get to experience all the fun of being an insider. 
Win – Win, n’est ce pas?

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  • Platinum

    Phil Schmitt & Sheena Macdonald
    Lyndsay Green
  • Gold

    June Wing
    Shanghai Rain Holdings
    Lohn Foundation
    Lois Klingbeil
  • Silver

    Anne Macnab
    Bruce Gauld
    Lesley Wicks
    Susanna Crofton
  • Benefactor

    Sheridan Scott
    Brenda Firestone
    Marid-Pierre Lavoie
    Cathy Wood
    Kathy Kay
    Gary Brandstadt
    Helen McDonald
    Jole Cave
    W Paterson Ferns
    Audra Poole
    Ron Cox
    Cathy Auld
    Fiona Hunter
    Susan Snell
    Andrew Livingstone
    Ron Rice
    Terry Vatrt
  • Ambassador

    Frances Grunberg
    Carol Dohan
    Lynn Thomson
    Suzanne Christensen
    Merrie-Ellen Wilcox
    David Conway
    Charles Isherwood
    Brenda Canitz
    Deanna Frank
    Murray Hyman
    Anne Landry
    Susan Snell
    Kadriye Graham
    Francesca Loro
    Terry Vatrt
    Peter Martin
    Laurie Tighe
    Janine Gliener
    Sharon Warren
    Edward Wojczynski
    Ruby Della Siega
    Sara Hradecky
    Helen Davies
    Christina Drake
    William Huzar
    Natasa Cecez Sekulic
    Donna de Haan
    Marilyn McCrimmon
    Bill Harany
    Dave Mudie
    Doug Darwish
  • Contributor

    Dan Russek
    Isabela Chamon Sasaki & Giovanni Marsili
    Bill Huot
    Shirley Richardson
    Livia Meret
    Shirley St Denis
    Stuart Walker
    Randall Gerlach
    Wendy Moreton
    Claire Carlin
    John Hilditch
    Paula Gaube
    Gary Roberts
    Max Fellows
    Glenda Murcoch
    Gayla T
    Lincoln Shlensky
    Joyce Kline
    Deirdre Gotto
    In Memory of Dr. Constance D. Isherwood
    Davana Harlow
    Carolyn Hoar
    Victoria Schuckel
    Victoria Wray
    Lisa Murray
    Karol Sinats
    Karen Rose Stackaruk
    David Fissel
    Adrian Glavan
    Jo-Ann Youmans
    Sarah Gustin
    Mark Cafley
    Lorraine Markin

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