Victoria Film Festival

Expected Guests

Gwaai Edenshaw – Edge of the Knife

Etienne Hansez – Chien de Garde (Producer)

JJ Feild – Etruscan Smile (Actor)

John Bolton – That Higher Level (Director)

Nicholas Tabarrok – Stockholm (Producer)

Andrea Magnani – Easy (Director)

Charles Officer – Invisible Essence: The Little Prince (Director)

Merry Colchester – Granny Project

Connor Gaston – Encore (Director)

Nolan Hupp – Encore (Actor)

Shifi Aloni – Unorthodox

Don McKellar – Through Black Spruce (Director)

Fe Seymour – The Raft

Darlene Naponse – Falls Around Her (Director)

Tantoo Cardinal – Angelique’s Isle, Falls Around Her (Actor)

Richard Crouse – In conversation With Smoke Signals

Tantoo Cardinal – Smoke Signals (Actor)

Evan Adams – Smoke Signals (Actor)

Chris Eyre – Smoke Signals (Director)

Patrice Ramsey

Angie Power

Teri Snelgrove

Erika Kumar

Tania Koenig-Gauchier

Susan Hummel

Bill Broyles

Nicole Mendes

Michele McMahon

Kate Green

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