Cafe Daughter - Victoria Film Festival

Cafe Daughter

Director Shelly Niro
Length 1hr 37min
Rating PG (19+ Event. Licensed Theatre - No Minors Allowed)

Cafe Daughter

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Cafe Daughter

Drama / 1hr 37min / PG

Inspired by the story of Dr. Lillian Eve Quan Dyck, Shelley Niro’s latest feature drama, Café Daughter, follows 9-year-old Yvette Wong’s journey in the small town of Fort Qu’Appelle, Saskatchewan. She is the daughter of a Cree mother and Chinese Canadian father and works in their café in the evenings after school. After a brief, tumultuous trip to their reserve, Yvette’s mother makes Yvette and her brother Charlie hide their Indigeneity to avoid the prevalent racism in their town.

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  • Violah Beauvais
  • Sera-Lys McArthur