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CineKids Education Program

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CineKids Education Program


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Get the kids media lit, you know they’re going to need it. Hands-on, anecdotal, competition, screenings – there are many streams for our guppies to thrive.

CineKids has been designed to be delivered in classrooms, theatres, and through community outreach to youth, youth centers, libraries, and schools. VFF workshops are led by experienced, award-winning local filmmakers and artists, and put writers, directors, composers, producers, and musicians into local classrooms to share career advice, skills and inspire new generations of Canadian filmmakers. Through these experiences, youth gain work skills, technical proficiency, and media literacy – including writing, editing, and other communications basics – as well as enhanced analytical thinking, and social skills. Workshops are organized for facilities and venues that meet contemporary accessibility requirements.


Filmmakers In Schools

School Screenings



Let’s Make A Movie – Coming Soon

3D Animation Workshop – Coming Soon


CineKids is divided into 5 main components: School screenings, Filmmakers into Schools, FilmCAN, Let’s Make a Movie, and Snapshots.

School Screenings is our program that brings films directly into schools and works with the teaching staff to integrate them into the curriculum. Screenings are followed by a Q&A with the filmmakers to discuss the film’s themes . We host up to 5 sessions throughout the year.

FilmCAN is an annual filmmaking competition designed to bring networks of like-minded students together to collaborate, to build confidence, and learn skills both technical and social. The winners of the competition have their films presented during the festival and receive a camera, graphics, and editing software.

Filmmakers into Schools brings industry professionals of various backgrounds, including directors, writers, composers, producers, and editors to visit classrooms and discuss their experiences creating films, building creative careers, and their personal inspirations.

Let’s Make a Movie is a set of two annual sessions, one for juniors and one for seniors where students work collaboratively to script, rehearse, shoot, and screen a short production.

Snapshots brings local professional filmmakers into schools for focused 1-hour sessions. During these sessions, they will have a discussion providing an overview of their specific discipline: writing, editing, cinematography, CGI or other. This stimulates interest in media literacy and provides an introduction to the basics.