Decision to Leave - Victoria Film Festival

Decision to Leave

Director Park Chan-wook
Length 138 m
Rating 14A (19+ Screening)

Decision to Leave


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Decision to Leave

Original title: Heojil kyolshim

A man plummets to his death from a mountain peak. After the detective (Tang Wei) discovers it wasn’t the fall that killed him but the sudden stop at the bottom, he wonders if he jumped or was pushed. The free-fallers wife (Park Hae-il) becomes the prime suspect in the investigation.Pseudo-spoiler – There is no butler in this movie, so count that out.Catch the latest movie from up and coming director Park Chan-wook, who won best director for Decision to Leave at Cannes. Chan-wook is currently working with Don McKellar on the tv series titled The Sympathizer staring Robert Downey Jr, and Canadian Sandra Oh.


  • Tang Wei
  • Park Hae-il