I’M WANITA - victoriafilmfest


Venue The Vic Theatre
Director Matthew Walker
Length 86 min



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  • Synopsis

Wanita’s outrageous life is straight out of the lyrics of the country music that she sings. Hard partying, drugs, motherhood, sex work, and a huge heart that opens her up to helping anyone who crosses her path in need, means that Wanita is often struggling to focus and bring her dreams into reality.

I’m Wanita is the story of a renegade country music singer from Tamworth, Australia, hell-bent on realising her childhood ambitions of stardom. Self-crowned as “Australia’s Queen of Honky Tonk,” Wanita is still waiting for the recognition she knows she deserves, as she embarks on a quest to record an album in the country music epicenter of Nashville. Having bulldozed every opportunity she has received, estranged from her daughter, and barely tolerated by her Turkish husband whom she has molded into her cowboy dream, Wanita doesn’t have many options left for success.

Without question, Wanita’s talent shines bright as she lays down blazing vocals full of the gritty life she has lived. With the help of two musicians, she has one last chance to achieve the fame that she has longed for. But will she spin out of control and burn it all down? Or can she hold it all together to keep her date with destiny?
— Kimber Sider