Satan Wants You - Victoria Film Festival

Satan Wants You

Director Sean Horlor, Steve J. Adams
Length 1hr28min
Rating PG (19+ Screening)

Satan Wants You

$13.33 Plus Service Fee

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Satan Wants You

19 years and over screening.  No minors allowed.

Dir: Sean Horlor, Steve J. Adams

1hr 28min Documentary  Not Rated

Experience the haunting secrets of Victoria BC and prepare for a wild plunge into the twisted realm of the Satanic Panic through “SATAN WANTS YOU.” Join forces with a daring duo—an intrepid young woman and her psychiatrist—as their bestselling memoir, “Michelle Remembers,” unleashes pandemonium and warps our understanding of wickedness. Get ready to be engulfed in an electrifying expedition through fear, manipulation, and the enchanting might of a solitary book that left an indelible mark on an entire generation. Be warned: this enthralling dark true story will have you under its spell from beginning to end. 


  • Michelle Pazder
  • Lawrence Pazder