Sips and Cinema: Golden Years - Victoria Film Festival

Sips and Cinema: Golden Years

Venue The Vic Theatre
Director Barbara Kulcsar 
Length 92 min 
Rating NA (19+ Screening)

Sips and Cinema: Golden Years


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Golden Years

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Comic + Sweet + Revealing 

 A jeroboam of whisky and a red balloon, and with that so begins Peter’s retirement. Peter is not alone on this next stage. Alice, his partner of 42 years, is hoping to reconnect in the next stage of life. Their daughter provides the means when she gifts them a cruise vacation.  

Before they go the two face the unexpected death of Alice’s closest friend, Magalie. The result, Peter plunges into the routines of fitness and Alice learns that her friend has had an affair in France for the past 15 years. Life is full of surprises and none bigger than when Peter invites the widower, Heinz, on their vacation.  

Alice understands Peter doesn’t like to travel. Peter understands Alice wants a gourmet lifestyle. Their paths are diverging and when Heinz becomes the companion of choice Alice decides to leave the ship and go in search of Magalie’s lover and to see what the world has to offer. 

Director Kulcsar tells a story of two people in search of happiness with heart and wit. She keeps a light touch throughout and tender moments are likely to be met with a knowing smile. One of the wonderful treats that comes out of this film is the inspiring search for an individual solution to what life offers.  It’s a message that’s very timely.