The Monk and the Gun - Victoria Film Festival

The Monk and the Gun

Director Pawo Chyning Dorji
Length 1hr 47
Rating Not Rated (19+ Event. Licensed Theatre - No Minors Allowed)

The Monk and the Gun

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The Monk and the Gun

Comedy / 1hr 47 /  NR

A wry satirical comedy with several storylines about modern beliefs and rituals as democracy is coming to Bhutan – whether they want it or not. There are two ‘politicians’, and the voters have to choose between the hilariously lame candidates. Hmmmm. But first the people have to learn to vote.
An elderly Lama wants to mark the turning point of the country going from a monarchy to a democracy with a sacred ritual that will set things right and he instructs a young monk to bring him two guns, in a country that has very few of them.
This immensely enjoyable crowd pleaser with a very intelligent script and a Robert Altman feel is chock a block with irony as all the characters muddle their way through the new changes.


  • Harry Einhorn
  • Tandin Wangchuk
  • Tandin Sonam