5 Vic Theatre Film Coupons • $62 - Victoria Film Festival

5 Vic Theatre Film Coupons • $62

5 Vic Theatre Film Coupons • $62


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5 Vic Theatre Film Coupons

This is not a physical product!

How to redeem your film coupons?

To redeem your coupon codes, login to your account, go to The Vic Theatre web page, and add your chosen film(s) to the cart.

In the Cart, your coupons should be available to click on and use immediately. If they do not appear for some reason, type each code (copy and paste each code from the email you received when purchasing the films pack) in the Coupon Code box and hit Apply Coupon.

Each applied code will automatically change 1 single ticket item in your cart to zero.

If you still have any questions, please check our website’s FAQs, or email us at: boxoffice@victoriafilmfestival.com or info@thevic.ca.

*Coupons are valid for one year from the date of purchase.

**Please note, coupons can only be used for regular screenings; coupons are NOT valid for special events or for cash value.