The Worst Person In The World - Victoria Film Festival

The Worst Person In The World

Director Joachim Trier
Length 128 min
Rating 14A

The Worst Person In The World


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The third in director Joachin Trier’s “Oslo Trilogy” and certified festival darling, it is easy to see why lead Renate Reinsve took home the Best Actress award at the 2021 Cannes festival for this charming film.  

Julie (Reinsve) is turning thirty and her life is an existential mess.  Her talents have languished and her older boyfriend, the successful graphic novelist Aksel is edging for them to settle down.  One night she crashes a party and meets the young and charming barista Eivind. This begins a process of ending her romantic relationship with Aksel and beginning something new with Eivind. But her past with Aksel continues to insert itself as Julie grapples with her choices. 

A wry and empathetic millennial character study, through Julie’s story Trier explores the limitations that time and individual persona can place on the notion we can constantly reinvent ourselves. 

Bryan Skinner 


  • Renate Reinsve
  • Anders Danielsen Lie
  • Herbert Nordrum