They Shot the Piano Player - Victoria Film Festival

They Shot the Piano Player

Director Javier Mariscal. & Fernando Trueba
Length 1hr 44min
Rating PG (19+ Event. Licensed Theatre - No Minors Allowed)

They Shot the Piano Player

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They Shot the Piano Player

Animation / 1hr / 44min / PG

It was 1959, the bossa nova in Brazil changed the history of music. Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughn, even Frank Sinatra, the entire world began singing and dancing to Brazilian music. Then one day one of the top piano players, Francisco Tenorio Jr. disappeared – vanished.

Jeff Goldblum is the voice of music journalist Jeff Harris who sets out to solve the mystery of what happened to a key player in the intoxicating bossa nova explosion of the 1960s, a cultural landmark that happened to coincide with the rise of totalitarian governments throughout South America. Director Javier Mariscal and Fernando Trueba, academy award nominated for Chico & Rita, create a vibrantly weaving story with evocative nuance.


  • Jeff Goldblum
  • Tony Ramos
  • Fernado Trueba