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Feb 19th at 9 am is the activation time for when the films are available to be viewed online, there is no schedule.
They are available to watch or buy tickets until the end of day on March 11th.
Once you buy a ticket you will receive your virtual access email which contains a link to the streaming page of the film.
You can open and view the film anytime that suits you best until march 11th.

However, once you press play you only have 72 hours to finish watching the film.

  • Brighton


    Fresh from the Victoria Film Festival platform!!

    Larry Lamb, Marion Bailey, Phil Davis, and Lesley Davis star in this gritty comedy, set in the UK’s most infamous seaside town, Brighton. Directed by Stephen Cookson, the film is based on a 1994 play by acclaimed writer Steven Berkoff, Brighton Beach Scumbags. Set simultaneously in the 1960s and the 2000s, the film tells the story of two East London couples on their first day trip to Brighton for 40 years. But the city is not how they remember it….

    As they recline on deck chairs at the beach, central characters Derek, Dinah, Dave, and Doreen reminisce about their teenage trips to the resort and remark on how it has changed. Through the lens of a vibrant seaside town, Cookson explores some of the entrenched notions of class and generational difference in British culture.

    Bursting with colourful characters and iconic costumes, Brighton is a brilliant piece of ensemble cinema, with acutely observed period detail throughout.

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  • Kidz

    Fresh from the Victoria Film Festival platform!!

    Voted the funniest Italian film of the year by the Syndicate of Italian Journalists, KIDZ is a sharp, knockout comedy about the pressures of child-rearing in an uncertain economic time.

    Sara (Paola Cortellesi) and Nicola (Valerio Mastandrea) are married and in love. Their lives seem to be perfect: they have an angelic six-year-old daughter, thriving careers, and a stable marriage. The balance in their lives is disrupted, however, by the arrival of their second child.

    Sleepless nights, selfish grandparents, friends that are about to have a nervous breakdown, and questionable babysitters all combine to transform the couple’s life into a living hell.

    KIDZ is a playful and uproarious comedy that constantly pulls the rug out from under you.

    It makes the audience immediately relate to the situation, whether you have one or more children or none, in fact, because at its core, it’s about how we manage the unavoidable ups and downs of life.

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  • Some Kind of Heaven

    Victoria Première

    Behind the gates of a palm tree-lined fantasyland, four residents of America’s largest retirement community, The Villages, FL, strive to find solace and meaning.

  • The Changin’ Times of Ike White

    Released in 1974, “Changin’ Times” was a stunning album of songs recorded in extraordinary circumstances – the first-ever commercial album recorded inside an American prison by an inmate. Its creator was a musical prodigy, Ike White, who was jailed for life at the age of 19 for murder. With never-before-seen archive, the film charts Ike’s journey out from prison into industry adulation and life as a free man, eventually leading to his reinvention as a performer for hire called David Maestro.

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  • The Amber Light

    A perfect winter film, The Amber Light leads us deep into the mysterious world of Scotland’s national drink. In this journey through the lesser-known parts of Scottish whisky culture, we follow writer Dave Broom on his quest to gain a deeper understanding of this world-famous drink.

    A genuine whisky connoisseur, Dave, a Glaswegian, traces the history of whisky production in Scotland, meeting many fascinating characters and experts along the way. The deeper Dave journeys, the clearer it becomes that whisky is an integral part of Scottish culture and identity. What we witness on screen is a distilling process, with Dave as our guide, gently revealing a creative dedication to a Scottish cultural icon with beautiful clarity and warmth.

    So pour yourself a dram, snuggle up and bask for an hour or so in the warm amber glow of liquid gold.

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