Victoria Film Festival | Concession


Phillips Beer

The perfect accompaniment to a great film.

Local favourite Blue Buck is a deep amber-coloured beer with a crisp finish and a delicate hop aroma.

Patiently cold aged, Phillips Pilsner is meticulously engineered to be clean, crisp and bright. Artfully refined, so you don’t have to be.


$6 + tax

Spinnakers Beer

How about a nice, ice-cold beer while you watch the film?

We now serve Spinnakers Lager, Cascadia Dark Ale, and brand new Honey Kolsch.  Perfect with a bag of salty popcorn!

Made just across the Blue Bridge right here in Victoria!


$6 + tax

DeeBee’s Organic TeaPops

DeeBee’s TeaPops are Victoria-made and the perfect pairing of organic fruit and tea! We’re currently serving the Pink Lemonade, Raspberry Citrus, and Tropical Mango Teapops. They’re the best way to chill out at a great Vic Theatre screening!


“All of our TeaPops are certified organic, non-GMO, refined sugar-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan and kosher parve! That’s a mouthful of certifications, but a delicious, allergen-free mouthful that all ages and lifestyles can enjoy.” – DeeBee’s Organics


$2.50 + tax

Fresh Popcorn!

We make our popcorn fresh every day when the doors open so it’s as fresh, light and fluffy as it can possibly be. We use 100% organic coconut oil and real butter—and you get to decide what toppings to put on it!


We carry:
Nutritional Yeast – tastes like white cheddar!
Za’atar – a Lebanese blend of savoury herbs.
Salt – always a classic.
Sugar – more common than you’d think!
Hot Smoked Paprika – a customer-recommended gem.


Instead of saving our old popcorn for the next day’s audience, we donate it to local pigs and chickens!


$4.50, $5.50, $6.50 + tax

Church & State Wine

We’re excited to offer Vancouver Island’s Church & State wines! We’re pouring their Lost Inhibitions series’ red and white wine.


“Evocative wines, entertaining and brimming with personality. We let these wines speak for themselves, even if they’re a bit mouthy… The Lost Inhibitions wines are made to the same gruelling standards as our Church & State Wines, but offer a refreshing take on traditional label conventions. Made to enjoy with friends, family and great food, these two unique blends over-deliver.”


$8.50 + tax

Driftwood Beer

Driftwood Brewery’s bombers are a fantastic treat to go with our fantastic films, and big enough to share with a date.  Try the popular Fat Tug IPA or the new, citrusy and lovely White Bark Witbier.


$12 + tax

Spinnakers Cookies!

Delicious, handmade chocolate chip and ginger cookies, made locally at Spinnakers Gastro Brewpub.


$2.50 + tax

Phillips Soda

Phillips Soda Works is a natural soda brewer in beautiful Victoria B.C.

They only use natural ingredients, which means pre-packaged syrups, artificial flavours and colours are blacklisted from the recipe book in favour of raw cane sugar and natural herbs and spices. Their commitment to natural ingredients is a difference you can taste.


Currently serving Sparkmouth Gingerale

San Pellegrino

San Pellegrino’s sparkling mineral water and famous Limonata hardly needs a description!


$3 + tax