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WE WANT YOU, WE NEED YOU, We simply cannot be without you! We are a not-for-profit, baby, and, therefore, largely rely on volunteers to run the Festival and year-round events.

Step 1

Fill out this quick form. Dude, it’s real quick.

Step 2

Receive a welcome email with instructions on how to log in to Shiftboard.

Step 3

Sign in for shifts & join the VFF party!

  • Develop Your
    Skills In:

  • Communication


  • Arts & Crafts

    nothing is impossible, set your creativity free!

  • Lion Taming

    well, some costumers may let the fur fly

  • Project & Chaos Management

    just saying… no reason

  • Box office

    who's got the tickets? you've got the tickets!

  • Technical support

    “sorry, what is an HDMI?”

  • Concession

    Serving It Right certificate would be a great asset!

  • Transportation

    🎵 baby, you can drive my car. And maybe I’ll love you 🎵

  • Photography

    Your smile is the most powerful weapon

  • & more!

  • 10 Day
    Festival Volunteer Rewards

    Committing to 15 hours of volunteering at the 10 Day Festival earns you 5 free films! You will also receive an invitation to our fabulous EndFest where volunteers and staff can eat, drink and celebrate all of our hard work and end-of-Festival exhaustion. It’s always a great party!

  • Year
    Round Volunteer Rewards

    Volunteers for year-round events at the Vic Theatre receive volunteer vouchers that can be used for movies any time of year.

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Know More?

Check out the VFF Volunteer Manual

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Check out the VFF Volunteer Code of Conduct

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Questions about volunteering? Please contact us here: